ZD      Spare parts      Car body
Body assembly
Top cover skirt assembly
Right Side Outer Panel Assembly
Rear Inner Sidewall Panel Assembly
DC-DC bracket assembly
ABS module assembly mounting bracket assembly
Front floor parking cable fixing bracket assembly
Right side door assembly
Left side door assembly
Motor controller bracket assembly
Front bumper bar assembly
BIW welding group
Right Front Wheel Arch Extension Assembly
Left wall external panel assembly
Right wall reinforcement plate assembly
Left wall reinforcement plate assembly
Front wall upper beam welding unit
Instrument Cluster Tubular Beam Bracket Assembly
Right front wheel arch longitudinal beam assembly
Front left wheel arch longitudinal beam assembly
Rear wall mounting
Rear door assembly
Rear mounting inside left wall panel
Top beam assembly
Roof cover rear cross member reinforcement plate
Left front wheel arch extension
Welding of the condenser support column
Welding the parking brake mounting bracket
Dash Transition Mounting Bracket Welding
Rear bumper center mounting bracket
Left (Right) Front Bumper Mounting Bracket
Left (Right) Rear Bumper Mounting Bracket
Front cross member of the roof

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